Incentive Network

Incentive Network channels private investment to sites that are critical in providing public access across the wide bands of infrastructure severing downtown Dallas from the waterfront. The scheme identifies areas where the divisive highways and railways rest on the ground, comprising the best opportunities to bridge across the infrastructure. Areas within these zones are parceled at allowable FAR’s radically in excess of those stipulated by the zoning currently governing the waterfront. In exchange for the opportunity to build at these increased FAR’s, developers must provide public access and amenity at the elevated bridge level. Thus, this scheme incentivizes the development of a constellation of towers bridging across the highways and railways. These public platforms then connect to a bike and pedestrian network that utilizes otherwise worthless space under highways and overpasses. Between this network, all developable land that is currently underdeveloped or empty is identified and parceled in an extension of the downtown Dallas city grid, and a new major road is introduced east of the waterfront in order to maintain public access to the river. A new light rail is also introduced, looping through the site with stops at several of the new towers. The constellation of towers becomes a collection of localized subcenters – iconic elements that define the space between though their dialogue with one-another, while providing public amenity and infrastructural connections.