Civic Ceilings

Civic Ceilings builds on the framework forwarded in Master of None’s proposal for the development of Dallas’s Trinity River waterfront, Incentive Network. Selecting one new building parcel bridging the highway infrastructure, this project sculpts the site’s radically inflated FAR into a unique civic experience. Focusing on the ceiling above the public platform, the project speculates on how the shaping of this surface might become the locus of representational address for the building. The ceiling is designed to balance structural necessity and a desire for a relaxed geometry meant to loosely define zones below – suggesting informal occupancies and fuzzy threshold conditions. The two-color graphic effect of the vaulting draws fleeting figures in space as one moves around the building, playing upon the ceiling’s new representational privilege. The loosely defined spatiality produced by the ceiling, combined with the interrogation of its own figuration, creates a public space that is one of encounter, where diverse occupants –from those on-site to access their high-end condos, to those present to use the community services – would mix and mingle as part of the urban public.