June 2016: McLain Clutter is promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

June 2016: Domestic/Data Occupations is published in ARPA Journal.

Spring 2016: Imaginary Apparatus is reviewed by Dana Polan in Film Quarterly.

November 2015: Imaginary Apparatus is reviewed by Enrique Ramirez in The Avery Review.

November 2015: McLain Clutter lectured at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, as part of Roger Sherman’s Urban Landscape Studio lecture series.

October 2015: Domestic/Data Occupations is exhibited at the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning.

October 2015: McLain Clutter lectured with Janette Kim at the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning.

September 2015: McLain Clutter lectured at Kent State University’s Cleveland Urban Design Center.

August 2015: Imaginary Apparatus is published by Park Books. Order it here.

July 2015: Radical Railbanking is award an Architect Magazine R+D Awards Citation.

March 2015: Enclave of Inclusion is a finalist in Arquine’s 17th Annual International Design Competition.

February 2015: McLain Clutter participated in the conference After Empirical Urbanism, and the University of Toronto Daniels Faculty of Architecture.

Winter 2014: Empty Pavilion has been awarded as ACSA Faculty Design Award.

Fall 2014: McLain Clutter participated in the conference All Out in the Streets, hosted by the University of Chicago Urban Network.

Fall 2014: City School is published in Plat 4.0, en masse.

Spring 2014: Radical Railbanking and Scenarios for Detroit is published in the Journal of Architectural Education 68-1, Design +, edited by Amy Kulper.

April 2014: Incentive Network is featured on Bustler.

March 2014: McLain Clutter lectures and exhibits Radical Railbanking and Scenarios for Detroit at the BSA as part of the exhibit Rights of Way: Mobility and the City, curated by James Graham and Meredith Miller.

February 2014: Incentive Network is one of four winners of the Dallas Connected City Design Challenge.

November 2013: A collaboration with Matt Kenyon, McLain Clutter presented Hacking Geodemography: Domestic/Data Occupations is exhibited at Taubman College as part of Research on the City.

November 2013: McLain Clutter publishes “Metro Detroit Faith Territories” in MONU 19, Greater Urbanism.

September 2013: McLain Clutter lectures at the University of Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

May 2013: A collaboration with Matt Kenyon, McLain Clutter presented Hacking Geodemography: Domestic/Data Occupations at OP City, an event curated by CityLAB and the Daniels Faculty of Architecture at the University of Toronto.

October 2013: Empty Pavilion featured in Pidgin Magazine #16, Fiction, as part of “A Casting Call for Affectual Characters,” by Joseph Altshuler.

Spring 2013: Empty Pavilion exhibited at the  ACSA 101 Conference in San Francisco.

Spring 2013: Radical Railbanking presented at the ACSA 101 Conference in San Francisco, as part of the session Urban Code, moderated by Laura Kurgan and Nicholas de Monchaux.

Summer 2013: McLain Clutter’s essay “The Essential Seagram” appears in 306090 Books #15 (Non-) Essential Knowledge for (New) Architecture, edited by David L. Hays.

December 2012: Empty Pavilion is featured on Archinect, A/N Blog, mocoloco, suckerPUNCH, Architizer and more.

November 2012: Radical Railbanking and Scenarios for Detroit is one of two projects included in American Cities 2.5 at the McGill University School of Architecture. The exhibition features work by McLain Clutter and Mark Linder. Thanks to Aaron Sprecher for the invitation.

November 2012: The Empty Pavilion opens in Detroit.

September 2012: McLain Clutter presents Radical Railbanking at the MCA in Chicago as part of the conference Visionary Cities: Urban and Architectural Futures, organized by Alexander Eisenschmidt.

September 2012: McLain Clutter’s work is featured in Urban Infill vol. 5, Diagrammatically, edited by Terry Schwartz and Karen Lewis.

Spring 2012: McLain Clutter’s project Imaginary Apparatus: New York 1966-1975 was awarded a grant from the Graham Foundation. Project page.

Spring 2012: Work from McLain Clutter’s Winter 2010 studio The (i)Deal City will be featured in the 2012 International Architectural Biennale Rotterdam.

Spring 2012: Cleveland:Mediplex City will appear in Formerly Urban: Projecting Rust Belt Futures, edited by Julia Czerniak, from Princeton Architectural Press.

March 2012: McLain Clutter will chair a panel titled Registration and Projection: The Epistemologies of Urban Imaging Technologies at the ACSA 1ooth Annual Meeting, Digital Aptitudes at MIT.

April 2011: McLain Clutter chaired a panel titled Contemporary Projective Histories at the Future of History conference and the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture. Watch it on YouTube.

November 2010: McLain Clutter’s exhibit Latent City, in collaboration with Mark Linder, opened at Syracuse Architecture.

October 2010: McLain Clutter was an invited panelist at Formerly Urban: Projecting Rust Belt Futures, sponsored by Syracuse Architecture’s Upstate Institute. McLain presented a paper titled CLEVELAND: Mediplex City, which describes the complex relationship between the city of Cleveland and the Cleveland Clinic and speculates on tactics to leverage the hospital’s vitality in yield of urban development.

October 2010: McLain Clutter presented Radical Railbanking at the 2010 ACSA West Central Fall Conference, FLIP YOUR FIELD at the University of Illinois at Chicago. McLain’s presentation will be part of the Negotiation session, chaired by Alex Lehnerer of UIC and ALSO.

October 2010: McLain Clutter’s project Onondaga Creek was exhibited at the Pratt Institute as part of the ACADIA 2010 Conference, Life in:formation. The project is a collaboration with Mark Linder of Syracuse Architecture and CLEAR.

July 2010: McLain Clutter was a keynote speaker at the 2010 Chu Hai Archi-cultural Symposium in Hong Kong. The conference, Film, Architecture and City, was held at the Hong Kong Film Archive.

March 2010: Radical Railbanking was exhibited in SUPERFRONT LA  at the Pacific Design Center as part of UNPLANNED: Research and Experiments at the Urban Scale.

March 2010: McLain’s essay New York’s Highline and the Desire for the Real in Urban Real-Estate is featured in MONU 12, Real Urbanism.

March 2010: McLain spoke at the 2010 Society of Cinema and Media Studies Conference at the Saint Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. McLain participated in a session titled Apparatus: From Scopic Control to Scopic Potentials. chaired by Jon Yoder of Syracuse Architecture.

November 2009: McLain participated in the conference Urban Cinematics at the University of Cambridge, UK. McLain’s presentation was part of the Cinematic Urban Archeology session, chaired by Richard Koeck of Liverpool University.

August 2009: McLain Clutter has been appointed to the faculty of the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan.

July 2009: Imaginary Apparatus: Film Production and Urban Planning in New York City, 1966-1975 is featured in Grey Room 35.