Dayton Street Residence


With G. Goldberg + Associates.

The Dayton Street Residence is a renovation of a typical Chicago six-flat apartment building, located in Lincoln Park.  The entire interior and the back wall of the structure was initially demolished in order to convert the apartment building into a single, 9,000 square foot, residence. The back wall of the stucture was rebuilt to include a series of double-height steel windows that flood the entire residence with natural light throughout the day.
The design of the house was a recitation of refined, classic, modernist spatial sensitivies; combined with a warm material sense. The owner  is an art collector, whose holdings include an extensive collection of sculptures by the Dutch de Stijl artist Georges Vantongerloo. The artist’s work became the inspiration of a formal language of volumes that alternately read as sculpted masses, and shifting planes shearing from volumes. Attached to these formally plastic pieces are lighter tectonic assemblies, including a triple-height stair supported by three small steel pins.